Friday, June 02, 2006

video blog - vlog

A vlog or video blog is a blog (short for weblog) which uses video as the primary content; the video is linked to within a videoblog post and usually accompanied by supporting text, image, and additional metadata to provide context. It has become a significant contributor to clip culture.

Blogs often take advantage of RSS or Atom for syndication to other web sites and aggregator software (feed readers). With development of RSS enclosures, which provide the ability to attach media files to a feed item/blog post, or the use of the Atom format (which supports rich media content by design) it is possible to bypass the mainstream intermediaries and openly distribute media to the masses via the Internet. Vlogs typically take advantage of this technological development, just as audioblogs have in recent years via the podcast boom.

As of 2006, videoblogging is rising in popularity, especially since the release of the new Apple Video iPod and the availability of iTunes Store's video content.

One of the potential problems with Vlogs is the current inability of search engines to create rich metadata or "search engine" data from the stream. For Vlogs to be fully embraced as part of web culture, some indexing solution will need to emerge.

source - wikipedia


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